Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting to know and love Quirky Collective

Quirky Collective is an amazing online store I discovered while hunting for cool and edgy kids brands for the blog. The name caught my eye straight away, as anything quirky is alright in my book. It stocks all the kids brands I am crazy about under one roof: from Bobo Choses to Wovenplay. The layout of the store is very clean and simple, I love the shop by wardrobe section. I managed to track down the creator of this great store Michelle and was able to ask her a few questions: 

1-wwka: When did you start Quirky Collective?
I started thinking about the store back in 2008/2009 and launched the concept in 2010. 
2-wwka: What inspired you to do it?
 I guess that I came to the point in my no-longer-single-and-fancy-free life where I had rethink my options. so after plenty of consideration I settled on creating a business that would complement my new status as a mother, be flexible around my children whilst still allowing me to have a creative outlet.
3-wwka: In your opinion,what makes Quirky Collective different from other online stores?
There are plenty of online stores out there, each different, each with their unique direction.  quirky collective is small and very personal affair with a very organic approach to retail.  I am pleased and proud to grow the brand on my own terms.
4- wwka: Have you ever considered starting your own clothing label?
 I have plenty of ideas in mind for the store and the brand as a whole but because quirky collective is still in its infancy I do not feel that I can get too distracted just yet and first must master that walk before I can run. 
5- wwka: You mention your daughters on your website, do they share your love for quirky clothes?
 Oh yes, this is coming along quite nicely but perhaps not for the same reasons!  Their outlook is still very naive and beautifully childish.  a simple grey a-line dress in their mind might indicate to others that they are princesses, purely because it twirls the right way or it is the perfect dress to do a curtsy in!  So fashion for them still belongs to the realms of their crazy little world.