Monday, January 9, 2012

A new favourite for this year : Dolls And Dirt.

Firstly I have to explain to you how I came across this great label. We were away on holiday in the smallest little town on the south coast of Durban in SA. Justin and I are addicted to magazines, and  despite the wonders of the internet, flicking through the pages on a beautiful mag still is our first love. So where ever we go, we always keep an eye on mags. It was a really long shot to find anything remotely exciting inside this very small town, at the bottom of Africa, miles away from anything slightly fashionable or cool.
So I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the December issue of Junior magazine, it was Christmas day all over again for me! I was in my element again, reading one of my favourite kids magazine!
I was all inspired by all the new labels I came across and Dolls And Dirt ( great name by the way) caught my eyes first. Soon as I was back in front of my laptop in Cape Town, I was able to look through their website and discover more on this fab brand.
This range, based in London UK, is composed of Dollface for little girls and Dirtboy for little dudes. They created a collection of Tshirts that are fun and cool . Dollface is all about being a girl: dancing around in flowy tutus and sparkly tshirts, and Dirtboy is exactly what my little dude would love: rocking graphics with bright colours and a rock'n'roll attitude!