Monday, March 19, 2012

an interview with Finger In The Nose

It was love at first sight when I discovered this brand a couple of years ago. To begin with, I thought the name was genius, it was so refreshing for me to see a name that was so mischievious and utterly cool! They had me with the name and also with the colour of their branding: gold and black. I knew I was in for a treat! And I have never been disappointed since that time! Their collections are always edgy. and it's a brand that never stops growing. They were first known for their amazing denims, but now Finger In The Nose has grown to include some really great T-shirts, fabulous dresses for girls and much more. The attention to details and the quality of their clothing has made them a force to be reckoned with in the kids fashion world. Finger In The Nose is based in France, their only boutique being in Paris, but you can buy any of their garments online through their e-store. Here is a small interview to find out more about this brand:

1-WWKA: Who is behind Finger In The nose?
The two owners of the company are Mr Jean Yves Campion who looks after the business side of the brand and Mrs Siv Tone Kverneland is the designer.

2-WWKA:When did they start Finger In The Nose and what inspired them to do it?
FINGER IN THE NOSE was created in 2003  when Jean-Yves and Siv Tone,  both passionated  by the « jeanswear culture » decided to create their own brand of denims just for kids.
The story began with a simple clever 5 pockets straight denim, which started the history of the brand. FINGER IN THE NOSE has now grown considerably and it is now creating a complete collection of clothing for boys and girls between 3 months and 16 years old, and the demand for its amazing denims is still growing strong
3-WWKA: I utterly love the name of the brand. How did it come about?
FINGER IN THE NOSE  comes from the french expression « Les doigts dans le nez » meaning «It’s easy », « a pièce of cake ». Nevertheless, the initial meaning of these words is linked to our childhood memories.   
4-WWKA: Your range of denim for kids is absolutely amazing, the attention to details is unbelievable.Is denim your favourite fabric to work with?It is our first love, we love working with it because it is more than just a piece of clothing. We started with a single pair of denims, built to combine comfort, style and quality. It was so popular that now our denim collection is as good as any adults denims brands out there. 
5-WWKA: You only have one boutique in Paris? Any plans to open any other in the world?We just signed a new boutique on the " Rive Gauche" in Paris which is opening soon....Eventually, the great development of the brand will focus on opening more outlets in France, but also in European capitals.
 6-WWKA:Would you say Siv Tone and Jean-Yves are dog or cat people?Siv Tone the designer is more a horse person, and Jean-Yves would be a boat one.... ;)