Friday, June 1, 2012

exclusive interview with Chinche!

Chinche has been one of my favourite kids brand since I first layed eyes on it! I remember thinking that it was just so cool that somewhere out in the world, some very creative people were designing such cool clothes for kids. It was liberating to think that brands like these could be successful in a world where baby pink and baby blue dominated for far too long!
Interviewing Chinche is a real treat for me!!!!
 WWKA: When did you start Chinche? 
 In early 2007 we came up with the idea of creating the Brand and in July of that year we went out with our first collection.
WWKA:And what inspired you to do it? 
The birth of our son , he inspired us in a lot of aspects!
WWKA; What do you love the most about designing clothes for kids? 
The ability to dream without limits! The collections becomes very demanding as well as fun!
WWKA;  I love how edgy Chinche is and the fact you use black a lot in your collections. Where do you get your inspiration from?
The black colour is a primary colour in the composition of the collections, it's not commonly used in kids fashion and works very well to convey the character of the brand.
WWKA: Any big plans for 2012 for Chinche?
Some of our first plans are related to growing sales, improving the production etc... Our first aim is always to keep the essence of Chinche, to believe and have blind faith in what we do.
WWKA: What's a perfect day in your life?
A day of leisure with my family, enjoy the sun, sunsets, laughter... the simple moments are of best value!

Chinche, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, you rock!