Sunday, June 24, 2012

Q&A with the very talented Melanie Rodriguez

If, like me, you are a fan of Papier Mache, you would have come across Melanie Rodriguez's amazing work. I love this serie of images for issue 13 called "love like a sunset". I was so happy Melanie took the time to answer a couple of questions for the blog.

WTWKA: How did your love of photography begin?
I think I've always loved photography, since I was a child. My parents bought me a plastic camera , I brought it with me at every holidays. I also loved to dig through my grandmother's old trunks every time we visited her, they were always full of very old family photos. I really loved that.
Then in high school, I discovered the magic of the darkroom and everything really started.

WTWKA: Who inspires you?
In my life my daughter inspires me so much. In Photography I 'm really inspired by Masao Yamamoto, Sarah moon , Sally mann, Paolo Roversi, Guy Bourdin and many more.

WTWKA: You have done a lot of work for Papier Mache, how did this collaboration come about?
I wrote to them 2 years ago, and they give me the chance to do a story for them, they were the first ...Since then I have shot a lot for them, I love working with them, they are so great.
Thanks to them I met really great people like Deborah Sfez.

WTWKA: What is an ideal day for you?
Being in the present moment ( not so easy ), being surrounded by nature, preferably on a trip far far away with people I love the most. Also when I'm sooting something personal. Whenever I am able to be creative it's a great day too.

WTWKA: What was the last song you danced to?
I think it was Diana Ross and The Supreme.

Thank you so much Melanie!!!
Visit Melanie's site to view more of her work: