Monday, July 23, 2012

The world of Alice

I discovered Alice Dufay's work in Papier Mache one day, and was drawn to the simplicity of her work. It's been so amazing from me with the blog, to get to know all these very talented people and I am always interested to get to know more about them.

WWKA- You have done a lot of work for kids fashion magazine such as Papier Mache, how did that come about?
I love this kind of magazine (even if I do not have a child yet ...), it's very inspiring.
So one day, I decided to send them an email, to tell them that I love their world and if they wanted to see my artwork, it will be a pleasure for me to do some stuff for them.... it simply started like this.

WWKA- where do you get your inspiration from?
From kid's magazine but also from cinéma, music, street ...a small detail, a piece of paper can inspire me.

WWKA- do you have any favourite subjects to draw?
I love to draw little girls,  I love the kid's simplicity in their posture. I also love to draw hair.

WWKA- Any big plans for this year?
I work for a few different brands, but unfortunately can't really talk about it...sorry :)

WWKA- if you were a character in a fairytale who would you be?
Alice in wonderland of course.
In addition to sharing the same name, I like the way Lewis Carroll has told the meeting with Alice Liddlle., it's very complex.  
Thank you so much Alice for taking the time to answer my questions.