Sunday, October 14, 2012

Love is... by Soft Gallery. Exclusive interview!

 I am so excited to share with you these images taken from the A/W12 collection "Love Is..." from one of my all time favourite kids brand Soft Gallery. And the exclusive interview with owners Barbara Hivdt and Tine Holt who founded the brand in 2007.

1- When did you start Soft Gallery and why?
We started up about 5 years ago with no specific knowledge or actual interest in kids fashion, it all occurred from a mutual interest in art and the idea of how we could implement that into something different.
At that time we found that there was a great opportunity in the kids fashion market to create something unique and new that was not seen before and we felt a great desire to create something which was more than just a piece of clothing. We wanted to pass on a small piece of art to the youngest and make them feel special by wearing it.'
We are representing and collaborating with local and international artists. For every season we present new artist work in our collections. 

2- Where do you get your inspiration from?
T: some of my favorite sources range from art, books, music and magazines to the colors of nature.... Just about anything can be interpreted into designs, if you just look with "the right kind of eye", and intuition....

B: For me its about keeping my senses open at all time. I'm always observing and getting inspired, sometime at unexpected moments and sometime by searching for it... I love travelling and meeting fills me up with lots of great new thoughts and ideas....
...But surely for both of us, the inspiration that comes from finding and collaborating with different amazing artists, is a huge thrill. 

3- How would you define good style for kids?
T: When a child look and feel comfortable and special. 
B: Good style is when its not forced. I like when a child has personality even if it means standing out from the crowd. When it comes to my own kids I like when its kept fairly simple, elegant but low key.
4- Do you have a favourite season to design for?
T: I enjoy a lot the Spring/Summer season. Its playful and sweet....

B: I somehow prefer Autumn/Winter, for its warm and subtle colors and its many layers and heavier textures...

5- What is a special day in your life?
T: An afternoon in the Autumn forest collecting chestnuts with the kids,, 

B: B: At this time of year....the other day my kids and I spent the whole day picking apples from our trees in the garden and making apple pies that will last the year out.

Thank you so much Barbara and Tine for taking the time to answer these questions!!!